Astra ''অস্র'' New Bangla Movie

Astra is a 2012 Bengali film produced by Amit Agarwal and directed by Tathagata Bhattacherjee. This is an action film which revolves around the love story of a gangster. In this film, DaVinci Resolve — the latest colour grading software was used for the first time in an eastern India film.
Cast: Joy Mukherjee as Baban
Samapika Debnath as Koena Chatterjee
Soumitra Chatterjee as Masoor Chacha
Dipanker De as Biplab Dasgupta
Shankar Chakraborty as Sambhu Da
Biplab Chatterjee as Faiz Bhai
Masood Akhtar as Mukhtar Bhai
Rajesh Sharma as Inspector Sanyal
Ashoke Viswanathan as Police Commissioner

 Astra is a tale of a gangster who becomes a victim of love. Baban is a dreaded sharp shooter working for an underworld don. For him… killing is as easy as breathing. But in an unprecedented twist of fate a woman enters his life. Koena…a journalist by profession is the one who gives Baban the jolt of his life as he falls head over heels for her. Love blossoms….and dreams are nurtured. Destiny however wills otherwise. Koena unaware of Baban’s identity all this while becomes an eye witness to one of his brutal contract killings. Blood spills in their path of love. Baban convinces Koena that he was not a gangster by birth but due to unavoidable circumstances…. Koena agrees and asks him to surrender to law. Baban is trapped…..if he were to leave his gang….he would be eliminated…..if he carried on he would lose the one he loved. It is upto Baban now to survive…..whether with the weapon of blood and gore or with the weapon of love and peace.