The Accidental Spy Jackie Chan new Movie

The Accidental Spy is a 2001 Hong Kong martial arts action film, starring Jackie Chan and directed by Teddy Chan. Filming took place in Seoul, Hong Kong, Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey.
Although it is a Hong Kong film, much of the dialogue is in English, particularly during communications between the Chinese characters and the Korean and Turkish characters. Despite having a fairly serious and dark plot in some parts, it still features some humour, as is typical of Chan's films.

Jackie Chan as Buck Yuen/Himself/Bei
Eric Tsang as Many Liu
Vivian Hsu as Yong
Kim Min-jeong as Carmen Wong
Wu Hsing-kuo as Lee Sang-zen (Mr Zen)
Cheung Tat-ming as Stan
Pauline Suen as Woman looking at gym equipment
Alfred Cheung as Lawyer
Teresa Ha as Old woman in elevator
Anthony Rene Jones as Philip Ashley
Glory Simon as TCN field reporter
Scott Adkins as Turkish leader
Didem Erol as Mafia boss's girlfriend
Lillian Ho as Candice
Gordon Alexander as Zen's henchman
Raven Choi as Zen's henchman
Joh Young-kwon as Park Won-jung
Chan Siu-wah as Man attacking Park
Fung Wai-lun as Man attacking Park
Poon Hang-sang as Man looking at gym equipment
Ken Chang as Cop in shopping mall
Ray Pang as Bar waiter
Piggy Chan as Korean official
Lemon Liu as Korean official
Teddy Chan as Taxi driver tuning in to news channel
Kwan Yung as Robber
Yan Kin-wai as Robber
Dang Chiu-yau as Robber
Vincent Kok as Flower arranger
Ho Chung-wai as Cowardly man at bank robbery
Taner Barlas as Priest
Sherwin Ming as Reporter