Ajob Prem Ebong Indian Bangla Movie

Ajob Prem Ebong bangla movie is a black comedy about a complex relationship between a bus, its conductor and the widow of a villager who was run over by the bus in an accident. Set in an Indian village, the story also portrays the villagers’ uprising against the prevalent corrupt political system
Ajob Prem Ebong film unfolds as a black comedy after the death of a man in a bus accident. Corrupt cops try to hush up the case, making the bereaved father (Biswajit) accept that his son was killed when a tree fell on him. Biswajit tries to cope with the grief and injustice in silence, but his daughter-in-law (Paoli) decides to protest. This opens a new chapter, as two political aspirants (Sabyasachi and Paran, in a comic-melodramatic turn) try to manipulate the tragedy for political mileage. The next twist in the tale comes with the bus conductor (Rahul) — who is madly in love with the bus — but now falls for Paoli.

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Ajob Prem Ebong film — a rather loose attempt at comedy — does a very good job of portraying how the poor are exploited. The farcical aspect of justice and its denial is brought home in one simple line uttered by Biswajit:
Biswajit puts in a restrained performance, his character standing out in contrast to the OTT portrayals by Sabyasachi and Paran. Paoli is her usual self, ably depicting the mixed feelings of a widow who copes with her tragedy even as she falls in love with the man who empathizes with her. But yes, she could have been made to look more earthy. Its nice to see Chiranjeet back on screen. Rahul has a quirky role that lets him exploit his acting talents in an original script penned by Padmanabha Dasgupta.
Ajob Prem Ebong is too long in footage, sometimes over-the-top in its attempt at humour, sometimes overly sentimental. But it does strike a chord somewhere deep down.